Orijin Plus gives brands access to an unprecedented new and loyal consumer market

Orijin Plus is an authentication and customer-insights tool. Our platform allows brands to increase sales by guaranteeing product provenance, while allowing brands to finally develop a direct relationship with their consumers.


Finally, exporters can truly build a relationship with their consumers…

… by pairing advanced blockchain authentication technology with sticky, high retention direct consumer relationships. This is a world-first experience for exporters, who want to ensure their brand's provenance and are also eager for first-party customer data and insights.


Increase your revenues with actionable data insights

When consumers authenticate your products, we share back first-party insights about their purchase, demographics and consumption behaviours. This will assist your B2C customer acquisition strategy, discoverability and marketing outreach.


Consumers love Orijin Plus

Give your consumers the advantage of learning more about where your product comes from, with the added bonus of collecting points to redeem for unique experiences and rewards, ultimately leading to brand loyalty.

Partner with a global network of brands...

Orijin Plus offers an opportunity to sit alongside non-competing food brands, increasing your exposure to consumers

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